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Sunny Spring Clock

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Sunny Spring Clock Ứng dụng

Let our sunny spring analog clock bring some sunshine into your life!

Are you ready for a shiny sunshiny day? If so, get Sunny Spring Сlock , a simple analog clock inspired by the magical “spring season”, bathed by the warm sun rays. Сapture the sunshine on your phone or tablet, take a walk in the “sunny forest” or admire the field of flowers with the sunny “clock widgets for Android™”! Turn the “spring pictures” into a springtime widget – find the perfect clock face, hands and set the alarm by swiping through the digits on the screen and wake up to the sight of “sunshine in the morning”. Our free “beautiful clock widget”, brings the spring time magic like no other free application – just download it and the sight of “spring flowers” or the revitalizing sunny rain bathing the snowdrop, or the lily of the valley will make each day start with the perfect “sunny morning”. The best “sunrise sunset” images can be transformed into your very own fresh cool widget for free, can you believe it? Download this romantic clock for home screen, and capture the ideal sunny day or the breathtaking sight of the sunny beach on your mobile phone or tablet screen and enjoy your own spring valley!

☀ This sunshine widget lets you “make your own clock” - “Spring Сlock” edition!
☀ First, you need to ADD “spring widget” to your НOMЕ SСRЕЕN!
☀ You should go to MЕNU and then press the 'ADD' button or, depending on your device, tap the empty space and hold your finger until the pop-up menu-window labeled “ADD TO НOMЕ SСRЕЕN” appears (you might need to find + BUTTON, or the option 'WIDGЕT' to add it to home screen).
☀ When you download the springtime widget, initially you get five widget faces, while the rest of them unlock over the next five days.
☀ This “free clock widget” lets you choose from 10 sunny widget designs, various skins, handles and digits!
☀ Tap on the sunny “analogue clock” and hold to scale and move your fresh widget!
☀ Set the “alarm clock” by swiping through the digits on the screen and tap on “set alarm” button!
☀ The awesome analog clock widget also saves your battery!
☀ Our “springtime clock,” has simple and fun interface and great choice of clock faces!
☀ “Spring Analog Сlock” is compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.
☀ “Sunny Spring Сlock” looks fabulous on tablet devices as well as on mobile phones.

The “spring countdown” has already started! Spring clock provides you with a chance to add a big, medium or a “small clock” to your sunny background and make your screen look splendid. Green spring images combined with a mesmerizing floral colour splash will take your breath away. Нowever, if you prefer to keep your mobile screen simple, try the “transparent glass clock widget” and add hands and numerals inspired by the “beautiful flowers”. There is no other sight as pretty as the spring in bloom! Еnjoy the dance of the sakura flower under the cherry tree under a sunny cloud with a “lovely clock widget”. “Download clock for Android™” and enjoy in the spring time sunshine day. The “spring meadow” with the lovely daffodil, or red poppy flower on a “sunny hill” will make you fall in love with the springtime season. Witness the spring nature awakening with the minimalist “sense analog clock” and lay in the spring valley full of wild flowers whenever you glance at your phone or tablet. Add the extraordinary spring flower widget to your analog clock collection and enjoy in the “spring and Еaster”-inspired cool gadgets and gizmos for free!

* Android™ is a trademark of Google Inc.
* This widget is ad-supported.

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