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Watch/Clock Design & Wallpaper

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Watch/Clock Design & Wallpaper Ứng dụng

Make your home screen truly unique with your own watch or clock design.

Watch / Сlock Designer and Live Wallpaper

This application lets you easily design your own Сlock or Watch then set it as your live wall paper.

There are literally millions and trillions of possible combinations, you can select different clock faces, numbers, second, minute & hour hands, graduations, backgrounds, colors etc. Once finished its simple to set as a live background and make your phone truly your own.

You don't have to set your finished clock as a wallpaper, its lots of fun just designing different watches and you can store your favourite designs and call them up any time time.

When you first start watch/clock designer it will generate 5 random clocks to give you a start, these are accessible by the 5 numbered slots at the top of the screen. As you change and design your clocks any updates are automatically stored in these slots so there's no need to specifically save your designs.

You start by selecting your clock face, then the background, hands, numbers etc. You can use one of our supplied backgrounds, or hit the folder icon and use one of your pictures.

The “?” button will generate a fresh random clock/watch, sometimes its easier to hit this button a few times to find a design that you like, then just tweak it to finish it off. We provide a colour bar so you can change the colors of any parts of the clock face. Finally the chequered flag button will set your wall paper live.

Make special clocks for special occasions like Valentines day, Сhristmas, birthdays, New Year, Weddings, Нalloween, thanksgiving. We have lots of designs for Kids, animal lovers, car fans, engineers, dart players, space invader, arcade fans, etc. We will be adding even more designs shortly so if there is anything you want to see please drop us an email and we'll do our best to add it in.

So get started now, make your home screen genuinely unique with your own personalized watch/clock design.

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